AVR Heart Super Toaster!

Super Toaster!

Super Toaster! is a project I build for my Senior Capstone project at EKU. It is an AVR controlled toaster with LCD to display information.

The Super Toaster! (the exclamation point is important) was built with the following parts. Most parts were ordered from SparkFun though I did get the LCD off of ebay.

If I were to do it all over again I would have done the power supply on board with two LM317s to provide the 5v and the 3v instead of using the SparkFun breadbord power supply and an EZ1086CM that I pulled off of a dead motherboard to clean up the look and function. Also I would have used a servo to actuate the lever on the toaster as the motor duct taped to the front of the toaster using fishing line to pull down the lever is not classy.

Below I've attached my final presentation for my Capstone class and a video I made of the functionality of the device along with schematics and source code.

Don't mind my increadibly monotone voice. I recorded this at 2am after working on it straight for over 10 hours in a rush to get it done.

Click for big.

Click to download source code.

Link to presentation:

Link to paper: